New Feature: Preview emails before sending

By Joshua Smith - xocashflow

Excitingly, xocashflow is growing at such a rapid rate that we've only just had a chance to blog about some of the new features that has debuted since launch. The first of these is the ability to "preview" what each email will look like before it is sent.

One of the features that sets xocashflow apart from similar services on the market is the level of control it offers to bookkeepers, accountants and business owners. As well as having a manual send function, allowing email reminders to be sent when you choose and only after you've reconciled your accounts, xocashflow allows you to exempt particular customers and individual invoices from the follow-up process. The system also produces a list of who will receive an email notification during a particular send and now enables you to preview each of those emails, should you choose.

The new Preview function inserts personalised information into each email, such as the customer's name and invoice number, and appears almost exactly the same to you aswhat it will to your customer (some variations may exist depending on what email program your customer uses and what filters they may have in place).

The screenshot below shows how one such email may appear:

xocashflow - email preview

We hope you enjoy this added level of control and certainty prior to each send and look forward to rolling out more enhancements and new features in the future.

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