Thanks to our beta testers

By Joshua Smith

The successful debut of any new software product owes a lot to those behind-the-scenes who thoroughly test a system prior to launch. While developers carry out their own testing while building a piece of software, it's not until real world customers jump in and put a product through its paces that the robustness and usability of a system is really put to trial.

Fortunately for us and for future users of xocashflow, a number of Xero fans volunteered to beta test this product prior to launch. These ranged from small business owners with a few dozen overdue invoices in their system, through to accredited Xero Partners and financial planners who deliver training and recommendations to other Xero clients.

This process was invaluble in ensuring that xocashflow contains features, safeguards and functionality enhancements that aren't found in other competing debtor management systems in this price range. Feedback that we received helped to guide our hands in creating a much more usable system that guides people through the account setup, data synching and email delivery processes.

Other systems in the market (including xocashflow until a couple of weeks ago) left customers guessing as to exactly what was helping, when emails would send and to whom reminders were about to go. xocashflow now removes much of this confusion from the process, providing a safer and more informed experience for Xero users.

So, on behalf of the xocashflow team, I extend a hearty "THANKS" to all those who have taken part in our beta program (as well as to those who have just started testing). Together, we've made this a product in-tune with the needs of the Xero community, which will hopefully prove indispensable for Xero users in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

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