Simple overdue invoice reminders for users of Xero

xocashflow is an online app that dramatically streamlines the process of chasing up overdue invoices. Designed for users of the online accounting package Xero, the system automatically determines which invoices are overdue, and by how long, and then provides you with the ability to click a single button to distribute personalised email reminders to all or most of your overdue debtors.

Promising to save you from the hassle of having to chase up overdue debts one-by-one, xocashflow enables you and your team to instead focus on more important activities, while your aging debtors are chased up via a couple of quick clicks each day.

What does it do?

The short answer: Gathers information about all of your overdue debtors and let's you email personalised reminder notices to them with a single click. The long answer:
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