Not yet convinced about xocashflow? Here’s what some have had to say about us:

I found the system very useful as it saves me time, sending out reminder emails about payment. The system is automated enough so that twice a week I can send out reminders to people to pay the money the owe. The buttons in the email saying it has been paid, are very nice and useful too so that a customer can report back to me that they have paid it or question something about the system.

For $10.00 per month, it saves me a lot more time than it costs!

I can certainly recommend XO Cashflow, I used it in my web design business and it saved a huge amount of time. I also know Josh so I’m a bit biased but it’s a no brainer especially for the price, he should charge more.

Great product. I really think people should be across it… especially for the $10 a month pricing plan. I guess there are a lot of wins to be had there if, as an advisor, you set this up for your clients and all of a sudden you can track that their cashflow picked up from debtors coming in. I think it’s a really good product.