advisor dashboard


Requires an Existing xocashflow account
You must be a Xero Bronze Partner or above

Gain authority to access your clients’ accounts
Gain access to an adviser exclusive demo account
1 Free XO Silver account to provide to a client of your choice via the advisor dashboard interface
Read-only access to unlimited accounts available at no cost to advisors who are a Xero Bronze Partner or above
You must have an XO Silver or above account to upgrade to the free Advisor Dashboard
Read our Get started with the xocashflow Advisor Dashboard blog post for more information

xo silver

$10per month

Price includes GST for Australian clients

Link 1 Xero account
Support for 1 xocashflow user
∞ Clients
∞ Invoices
Up to 1000 Email Reminders monthly
Deliver reminders to multiple recipients with a single click
Graphical reports
Ability to exclude customers or individual invoices for follow-up
Editable reminder messages
(inc support for wildcards/personalisation)
Reminders can be sent at 7 days overdue, 14 days overdue, 30 days overdue, 45 days overdue and every 14 days thereafter.
Email and helpdesk support
Action tracking