I have more than one company. Do I need more than one xocashflow account?

Yes. We are working on a multi-company version of the system for use by accountants, financial advisors, business coaches and conglomerates, but presently the structure and pricing of the system is such that you will need a separate xocashflow account for each of your separate companies.

Do you plan to support MYOB or Quickbooks in the future?

There are no immediate plans to support packages other than Xero. Why? We find Xero to be the most progressive, cloud-based accounting package for small businesses and believe that they’ll continue to win customers away from others in the marketplace. If you disagree and would love to benefit from xocashflow while using another hosted accounting package, please drop us a quick line via our Contact Form. If we receive enough interest, we’ll definitely consider supporting other packages.

Do I need a Xero Business account to use xocashflow?

Yes indeed. xocashflow is only compatible with Xero and you require an active account at Xero for the system to function.

Am I charged for each email sent?

No. Your standard monthly subscription fee also covers the costs of email delivery. This policy may be adjusted in the future if we run into prohibitive volume issues with large clients, but most clients will continue to receive email delivery at no additional cost. Bargain, no?

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. You may cancel your account by logging in, clicking on “Xero Settings” and selecting the “Cancel My Account” option. Doing so will immediately log you out of your account and will suspend future access.

This process will also automatically cancel your subscription via PayPal, so that you will not be charged in the future.

After account cancellation, we will retain your data for two months (60 days), in case the cancellation was in error or in case you wish to return. After 60 days, your data will be purged and the account forfeited permanently.

Can you guarantee that the emails will be received?

We can assure that they are delivered, but no email provider can guarantee that all emails will be received and read. The email delivery infrastructure underpinning xocashflow is very robust and helps to ensure optimal delivery rates. We actually use the same platform that social media giants such as FourSquare, HootSuite and Slideshare use to power their notifications.

Even so, no email delivery system is able to guarantee receipt, since each individual email user operates different combinations of email rules, Junk Mail settings and anti-spam settings.

A majority of the emails sent through this system will be received successfully. Of those, most will end up in your clients’ inboxes and some in their Junk folders. A minority may be caught by spam filters, corporate firewalls and other blockages.

As such, we recommend that you do continue to follow up aged debtors via phone, though the use of xocashflow should reduce the frequency with which such calls need to be made.