Syncing Issues on

8:00pm – 07 July 2017 The syncing issue with XOCashFlow has been identified and a fix is currently being applied.  This fix will be rolled out for all our customers in the next 3-4 hours.  If the syncing issue has not been resolved for you, please reconnect your Xero account by taking the following steps. … Continued

New Year, Fresh Start!

Details of the new XO Cashflow Welcome to 2016 and a fresh start for XO Cashflow! Although our team was excited about the possibility of releasing the new version of XO Cashflow before 2016 we were met with a few challenges. Apparently piles of payment gateway paperwork and the holiday season don’t play very well together! Expect your invitation to the new … Continued

Sneak Peek: Automatic Syncing

Are you tired of waiting for the sync process to finish before you can send out your reminders? Us too! In the next version of XO Cashflow we are introducing automated syncing so your account will keep up to date with Xero automatically. If you want control over the process simply click the sync button in the sidebar and your data … Continued

Version 1.5 – Status Update

Our team is hard at work on the next version of XO Cashflow (version 1.5) and with the release right around the corner we thought it was time to start revealing a few details about the great new features! Over the next few weeks (starting today) stay tuned as we post a “sneak peek” into the brand new version of … Continued

Exciting future for XO Cashflow!

Our team has been hard at work on the next edition of XO Cashflow over the past few months and we’re excited to finally announce a few details. In the coming months we will strive to be more transparent with our development process and work hard to provide an XO Cashflow that’s better, faster and most importantly: helps you get … Continued

New Feature: Change recipients for reminders

We’re happy to announce the latest update to the xocashflow ‘Send / Sync’ screen. Need to change the recipient for a debtor reminder? Or does a certain contact of your client handle a certain type of invoice? With this feature now available in xocashflow, it’s now possible to change the recipient for a reminder, which … Continued

New Feature: Support in even more countries

We’ve seen a lot of demand internationally for xocashflow so we’re proud as punch to announce even more countries that have support for our fabulous app. We can announce that we now officially support: Hong Kong, Thailand, as well as All seventeen countries in the Eurozone: Austria Belgium Cyprus Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Ireland … Continued

New Feature: Support in more countries

The xocashflow team loves our own app so very much that we simply can’t keep to our own country of origin (Australia). We’re proud to say that we have integration and support for these countries: Australia New Zealand United States United Kingdom Ireland Canada and today we’d like to announce support for: Singapore, and South … Continued

Cloud Adviser Reviews xocashflow

A little earlier this year, accounting and bookkeeping cloud software advisory website Cloud Adviser hosted a weekly webinar in which they reviewed our very own Xero add-on, xocashflow. You can listen to the full review in the video below: Would you rather be chasing up debts instead? Here’s the gist of what they liked and … Continued

Public demo now available

Have you wanted to test xocashflow, but didn’t want to sign up for an account? Now’s your chance to try before you buy with our new public demo. To login to this account, simply click the button below: