This handy application has been created by the folks over at iOnline. iOnline is a web and mobile app development company based on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, Australia.

Built by Xero users, for Xero users

The development of this system stemmed from our own experiences with Xero. We are huge fans of the Xero platform and often rave about its usability with others. Where other accounting packages suffer from bloat that comes about when too many features are introduced as standard, to meet the unique needs of thousands of customers, Xero has wisely opted to focus on making their core functionality as good as it possibly can be, while encouraging third-party developers to build apps or modules to extend upon this, for those customers who require more features.

Running a business that services close to 500 customers, iOnline sends more than 200 invoices monthly through Xero. We were dedicating the equivalent of three days per month just chasing up overdue invoices and knew that if we could build a system to take over much of this gruntwork, we’d save hundreds of dollars in labour costs and would be able to channel that extra time into more productive and profitable pursuits. It’s from this realisation that xocashflow was born.

Once we built the system, it became quickly evident that other Xero users in a similar situation could equally benefit from this, so we decided to flesh the system out into a subscription-based application, which is what you see here today. Now, for just $10/month, you’re able to benefit from the hundreds of hours of development time that were invested into this module and can immediately start to reduce the volume of calls and follow-up emails that you or your team members currently send out manually to chase up ageing debts.